• The Sands Of Time

    Egyptian Theme

    Can you crack the code to escape our Egyptian riddle?

  • Boiling Point

    Summer hill police station is under lockdown

    Can you defuse the bomb planted deep inside the police station in time?

  • Nerve klinik

    Enter Dr Grueber's clinic at your peril!

    He doesn't appreciate unwanted visitors and is said to have laid traps around his workplace to gas potential victims if they aren't clever and brave enough to escape within 60 minutes!!! Can You Escape?!?

    Nerve Klinik
  • The Enchanted Forest

    Be transported in to the mythical winter world of the enchanted forest

    Can you save the magic crystal from the clutchs of the dark queen?

Escape Times & Prices

Off Peak - Monday - Friday before 6pm.

Peak Times - Monday - Friday after 6pm. Peak Times - Saturday & Sunday

2 people = £45 Off Peak / £50 Peak

3 people = £55 Off Peak / £60 Peak

4 people = £65 Off Peak / £70 Peak

5 people = £75 Off Peak / £80 Peak

6 people = £85 Off Peak / £90 Peak

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