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Are you looking for a unique team building experience? The escape room can be a perfect option. Discover how your team can benefit from this activity. Speak to us about our corporate team building packages - test your team!

We are able to cater for up to 26 players at any one time across the 4 of our games.

Are you looking for a unique team building experience? The escape room can be a perfect option. heres 10 benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Puzzles in our Escape Rooms can help improve such things as hand eye coordination as well as visual and spatial awareness. Gross Motor Skills It’s not just the little things that get a work out, escape rooms can often present challenges that may need to use your balance, body coordination, quick reaction times and physical strength.


For a team to escape, communication is key. Working as a team and communicating as a team is at the centre of any successful escape.

Time Management

You have 60 Minutes and you have to escape. Breaking that time down in order to complete everything you need to is vital.


Escape rooms often require you to remember previous parts of a game. Maybe a clue near the beginning isn’t important for another 30mins. This helps improve your memory skills, particularly your short term memory.


Entering an escape room immediately heightens every sense. You are stimulated by audio, visual and physical elements as well as smell, temperature and sometimes, taste!

Problem Solving Skill

Each time you complete a puzzle, it can be by trial and error. Next time you meet something similar, the chances are you’ll complete it much quicker from what you learned last time.

Cognitive Thinking

Faced with puzzles that you need to complete can help increase cognitive thinking, Using your brain in such a way is proven to help prevent such things as Dementia and Alzheimers.

Out of the Box Thinking (Ingenuity)

Puzzles can often require the need for lateral, critical or abstract thinking. Looking at things “outside the box” can be very useful in an Escape Room. 

30 Minutes of exercise

Get double your recommended daily exercise. An Escape Room exerts more effort than you think. Get in your daily exercise while enjoying yourself.

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