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Make Your Escape - Derby

Make Your Escape

Derby's Immersive Escape Room Experience

With your friends, family, colleagues or partner, you have one simple goal: to work together to escape a locked room. Each room is themed and follows an original story which unfolds around you. A series of puzzles, hidden objects and mysteries make up the story, and only common sense, communication and teamwork will help you escape! Our bespoke games are exciting, fun and challenging, and incorporate immersive sets and effects. Use your logical thinking, problem-solving and detective skills.

Can your team work against the clock to crack the codes, solve the puzzles and Make Your Escape?

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Cryptology Escape Rooms

Cryptology Escape rooms

Nottingham and Sheffield's Ultimate Escape Games

Cryptology goes beyond just an escape room, this is an adventure. Whether you are disarming a bomb, discovering ancient relics, or finding out what has happened to a stranded spaceship - you and your team must use great teamwork and communication to achieve your goal.

Every game at Cryptology is different with tailor-made themes, a unique clue-system/narrator, and bespoke challenges. Use brains, not brawn.

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