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Finding The Elixir of Life is dependant on your team's success, you need to find the secret entrance to the forbidden Potion Laboratory, find the three legendary Arcane Wands to craft the Spells required to help you become Magical Masters.

Difficulty: This game is suitable for both beginners and experts.
Hints are available, so you will never be stuck on a puzzle for too long.

The Elixir Vitae and Mystical Creatues can be played in any order or back-to-back in a two hour experience we call The Academy of Spells.
We also offer the option to play these two games in a Head-to-Head race to be the first team to obtain the Elixir of Life.

Max: 6

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Accessibility - Unfortunately this game is not wheelchair accessible. Climbing and crawling will be required during this experience


Who is this game suitable for?

Suitable for all ages, although we recommend at least one adult present.
Unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
Crawling will be required and may be unsuitable for anyone with mobility issues.
Please contact us for any additional information or clarification.

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