The Enchanted Forest


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It is rumoured that a strange portal that leads to another realm has been discovered. This other realm is under the control of the Evil Enchantress, and the forest slumbers. Can you find your way into the portal, wake the forest from its deep sleep, and find the Mystic Blue Crystal before the Evil Enchantress uses its power to bring about an everlasting era of darkness.

Difficulty: This game is trickier than most; larger teams tend to do better in this game.
Hints are available, so even in a smaller team you will never be stuck on a puzzle for too long.

Max: 8

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Accessibility - Unfortunately this game is not wheelchair accessible. Climbing and mobility will be required for a short period of time.


Who is this game suitable for?

Suitable for all ages, although we recommend at least one adult present.
Unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
Minor climbing will be required and may be unsuitable for anyone with mobility issues; although we can offer an alternate route if necessary which avoids climbing.
Please contact us for any additional information or clarification.

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The kids (aged 10 and 13) were totally engrossed and loved being able to solve the clues…

Trip Advisor Reviewer

There is a real magic to this game that begins straight away

Escape The Review Reviewer

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