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The Famous Chocolate Factory hid 5 Golden Tickets inside chocolate bars around the globe, if you found a ticket you'd be allowed to enter the factory and see the magic at work.
Sadly... You were not one of the lucky five.
Fortunately, the mysterious owner of a rival chocolate company managed to acquire one, but it would be too suspicious if he went inside. Therefore he has offered to give the ticket over to you... only if you agree to steal the secrets held within...

Difficulty: This game is suitable for both beginners and experts.
Hints are available, so you will never be stuck on a puzzle for too long.

Max: 6

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Who is this game suitable for?

Suitable for all ages, although we recommend at least one adult present.
Unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
Quite an active experience, minor climbing/crawling will be required and would be unsuitable for anyone with mobility issues.
Contains flashing lights and is unsuitable for anyone who is photosensitive.
Please contact us for any additional information or clarification.

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A sugar-coated gem of a game that provides magic moments and a delicious all-round experience.

Escape The Review Reviewer

Incredible game with so many cool features. One of my favourites so far!

Escape The Review Reviewer

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